Forming Healthy Habits of the Heart and Hands

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Bible Text: Philippians 2:12-13 | Pastor: Jamey Pappas | Series: Experience Christmas | Habit: A habit is an ingrained tendency to act, think, or feel a certain way without needing to
choose to do so. (Moreland, Finding Quiet, pg. 40)

Character: Our character is the sum total of our habits, good and bad.

A spiritual discipline is a repeated practice done over and over again in dependence on the
Holy Spirit, under the direction of Jesus, with the support and encouragement of others.

Spiritual Formation: the process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others (Forming habits that form our character into Christlikeness)

Two Key Habits for Spiritual Formation

Spending time alone, meaningfully connecting with God
Spending time with other believers, meaningfully connecting with God


Take one aspect of your “flesh” – a harmful habit, a bad attitude, a disruptive behavior, a
destructive relationship – and offer it up to the Lord.
Take time to reflect on how it affects you and other people around you
Ask: What does wholeness in Christ look like in this area?
Are there any passages you can meditate on that relate to this area of your life?
Who can you invite to pray for you, encourage you, and be there for you so you don’t have to
go it alone?
And remember, it’s a process! So, allow God to make the changes in His time, in His way,
through the power of His Spirit. Habits that reside deep within our soul can take a long time to
transform. Celebrate the small victories along the way!

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